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Large amenity areas

As follows is the list of our 3 lawn amenity seed mixes for large areas.

  • AM5 is slow growing and needs less maintenance it does well on banks.
  • AM6 is quick to establish and is hard wearing.
  • AM10 is suitable for very large areas such as country parks.

AM5 you can buy from 800 grams upwards. AM6 & AM10 the minimum amount we can supply is 10 kilos. For bulk orders over 60 kilos, please contact us for a special price.

To calculate how much seed you need use the simple seed calculation table at the bottom of the page. 

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  1. Slower Growing Lawn Seed Ryegrass Free AM5

    • Produces a slower growing quality lawn. 
    • No amenity perennial ryegrass. 
    • New Lawn 40 grams to the sq mtr. 
    • Overseeding 20 grams.
    Name Price
    5 Kilos
    10 Kilos
    20 Kilos
    60 Kilos
  2. Large Lawn Areas AM6

    • Mixture is one of our top sellers. 
    • The perennial ryegrasses make it quick to establish. 
    • The creeping red fescue makes it hard wearing. 
    • Makes a dense hard wearing surface. 
    Name Price
    10 Kilos
    20 Kilos

Seed Quantity Calculator
Seed rate800gm5 kilos10 kilos20 kilos
Over seeding a lawn at 20 grams m2 40 m2 250 m2 500 m2 1000 m2
Over seeding a lawn at 40 grams m2 20 m2 125 m2 250 m2 500 m2

If you're unsure how much seed you need to buy, the Seed Quantity Calculator table will help you work out how much seed you need to cover a given area of ground. We have detailed seeding rates available, but if want a quick easy reckoner use the above approximations.