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Meadow Grass Seed Mix for Wild Areas SKU: AG-WMG

  • Sow Spring or Autumn. Contains 10 different grass species. Plant at 10 grams to the sq metre. Attractive grass meadow 
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A complex mix of 10 Wild meadow grass seed species. It will establish an attractive mixture if left to grow out during the summer. If sown thinly it will leave room for wild flowers to naturally establish.

Will cope with most soil types and conditions. Plant in Autumn or spring.

For small areas we suggest a seed rate of 10 grams to the square metre. For large areas you can reduce that down to 5 grams to the square metre.

The ground needs to be cleared before planting the Wild Meadow Grass Seed. A good seed bed prepared then the seed broadcast and rolled afterwards.

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Mixture Details


English name

Latin Name


Tall Fescue

 Festuca Arundinancea


Smooth stalk meadow Grass

Poa Pratensis



Dactylis Glomerata


Meadow Foxtail

Alopecuris Pratensis



Phleum Pratense


Common bent

Agrostis Tenuis


Crested dogstail

Cynosurus Cristatus


Sweet Vernal Grass

Anthoxanthum Odoratum


Yellow Oat Grass

Trisetum  Flavescens


Quaking grass

Briza Media





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Seed Establishment:

Please download our Seed Establishment Guide (.pdf) for instructions on how to prepare, seed and care for your Meadowmania seed mixes.