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Cornfield Annuals 2017

Posted on August 4, 2017

Cornfield Annuals 2017 in flower

Cornfield annuals are the most colourful and dramatic of the Wild Flowers. Many customers would like to  see them every year. We had the following e-mail and picture from a customer in Buckingham shire this summer saying how they got them to work.

Cornfield Annuals in 2017 Cornfield Annuals in 2017

I had an unsuccessful time with my wild flowers in 2016. I diagnosed the problem as grass winning over the wild flowers. I decided on a change of approach and consulted you.

I cut the area right down at the end of August and rounduped it repeatedly until we repelled grass and achieved bare earth. I think we also harrowed the area (roughly 20m x 40m less paths) more than once. I then left it for the winter and probably weed-killed again in early spring. We then the sowed yr standard

Corn Field mixture + extra poppies + extra cornflowers in 2nd half of March. Before sowing we harrowed and then rolled afterwards.

They have looked marvellous this year. I attach a photograph, which perhaps does not do them full justice as the cornflowers are more prominent.

My conclusion is that if one likes the bright corn field flowers, one has to regard growing them as an annual agricultural operation, starting from scratch each year.

I thought you might like to hear from a satisfied customer!

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