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Advice about Planting Lawns

We have a number of articles about how to seed, maintain and care for your lawn. Scroll down to find the appropriate one for you. If there is any advice that is missing or you are not sure about something please feel free to contact us.

Lawn maintenance calendar

Posted on February 3, 2012

As follow is our lawn maintenance calendar. It sets out how to maintain a beautiful weed free lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Calendar

January/February - Keep off lawn except to brush off leaves and any worm casts

March - Kawn maintenace begins in this month. Rake or scarify the lawn hard. This will remove and break up layers of dead matted grass and weeds. Spike the ground with a fork to a depth of 6 inches to eliminate compaction. Lastly top dress the lawn with a mix of sand, compost and loam. This will help denser growth and level out minor hollows.

April - Where necessary apply a spring feed and start weed control. Where moss is a problem apply a moss killer. You may need to mow the lawn up to weekly. Good month for reseeding

May - You will need to cut more often. Best month for weed control .Either dig out large weeds or spray off.

June - Amount of cutting will depend on the weather. If long dry spell consider raising height of mower so it is not cut too short.

July/August - Continue to mow regularly when appropriate.

September - Another good month for reseeding. Spike the ground as in the spring and consider applying a top dressing.

October - Mowing will stop this month. Do not cut shorter than 1 inch. Take the opportunity to level out any bumps. Clear away any leaves.

November/December - Clear leaves and brush away worm casts.

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How much lawn seed should I use?

Posted on February 3, 2012

am1 bowlingsmallIf you want to know how much lawn seed you should use. We have detailed seeding rates by most of our mixtures. But if want a quick easy reckoner use the following approach.

Sowing a new lawn.

Work on 40 grams per square metre. This means;

  • 1 kilo will sow 25 square metres
  • 5 kilos will sow 125 square metres
  • 10 kilos will cover 250 square metres
  • 20 kilos will cover 500 square metres

Over sowing an existing lawn.

Work on 20 grams to a square metre. This means;

· 1 kilos will sow 50 square metres · 5 kilos will cover 250 square metres · 10 kilos will cover 500 square metes · 20 kilos will cover 1000 square metres

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