As follow is our lawn maintenance calendar. It sets out how to maintain a beautiful weed free lawn.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Calendar

January/February - Keep off lawn except to brush off leaves and any worm casts

March - Kawn maintenace begins in this month. Rake or scarify the lawn hard. This will remove and break up layers of dead matted grass and weeds. Spike the ground with a fork to a depth of 6 inches to eliminate compaction. Lastly top dress the lawn with a mix of sand, compost and loam. This will help denser growth and level out minor hollows.

April - Where necessary apply a spring feed and start weed control. Where moss is a problem apply a moss killer. You may need to mow the lawn up to weekly. Good month for reseeding

May - You will need to cut more often. Best month for weed control .Either dig out large weeds or spray off.

June - Amount of cutting will depend on the weather. If long dry spell consider raising height of mower so it is not cut too short.

July/August - Continue to mow regularly when appropriate.

September - Another good month for reseeding. Spike the ground as in the spring and consider applying a top dressing.

October - Mowing will stop this month. Do not cut shorter than 1 inch. Take the opportunity to level out any bumps. Clear away any leaves.

November/December - Clear leaves and brush away worm casts.