Meadowsweet (Filipendula Ulmaria)

It is a beautiful flower. It has white blooms tinged with yellowish-green.

The flowers grow in clusters and are very light and feathery. The leaves are dark, shiny and fern like. They are also very fragrant.

It flowers in late summer and prefers damp conditions. Such as long streams or in wet meadows.

It will grow in fertile soils as long as the soil remains moist during summer.

It look particularly attractive when grown along side Ragged Robin and Purple Loosestrife.

The flowers have very sweet fragrance and in the past it was a strewing herb. Put on the floor to create a nice aroma like an early air freshener.

Season Flowers in June to September

Height it can grow to 60-120 cm

Timing   Sow In Spring or Autumn on moist soils

Preparation Cover only very lightly with soil plant where you want it to grow

Meadowsweet plants

Meadowsweet Seed