How to plant Wild Flower Plugs

Nettle Leaved Bellflower Nettle Leaved Bellflower

Establishing Wild Flower Plugs

 Wild flower plugs can be planted from late September through to April.You would aim to plant 5 to 7 plugs per square metre. Aim to concentrate them in a few areas if the budget does not cover the cost of planting them all over.Make sure that you plant at least 3 of any one species near to each other.Plant them a few days after receipt or as soon a possible. Make sure that they are firmly placed in the soil so that a bird or small animal can not pull them back out again.The Plugs that we supply are 37mm in volume. Most companies produce them only to 25mm. This gives them potentially a better root development. The size is about 1 inch square at the top and tapers down 4 to 5 inches in length.

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