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Natural Horsemanship Long Term Grazing Ley SKU: MAS-NH03

  • Wide range of species will produce a high yield; Establish new Healthy Paddock; No Perennial Ryegrass; Suits MEDIUM, LOAM, MIXED or CLAY SOILS


Product Name
Natural Horsemanship Long Term Grazing Ley
  • Buy 2 for €82.30 each and save 4%
  • Buy 6 for €77.80 each and save 10%
  • Buy 2 for €82.30 each and save 4%
  • Buy 6 for €77.80 each and save 10%

If you are looking to establish new pastures that are healthy and natural.


The NH03 is an excellent horse pasture seed mix.

The start of this mixtures is to exclude perennial ryegrass. This can be to aggressive for other species to compete.

The mixture offers a wide range of species to graze on and will produce a high yield.

The mixture listed best suits heavy land if you light or limestone soils we can do an equivalent version for you soil type.

It contains no perennial ryegrass. This is for two reasons. It is believed that ryegrass leys may increase the likelihood of laminitis. Secondly ryegrass is generally too aggressive for some of the beneficial wild flowers to establish.

Timothy adds to the palatability. Cocksfoot can cope with drought. Smooth stalk meadow grass and creeping red fescue can help reduce poaching. The herbs add to a balanced diet.

More Information
Mixture Details
Species Variety Kilos
Meadow fescue Pardus 3.0
Smooth stalk meadow grass Evora 2.5
Timothy Climax 1.75
Cocksfoot Amba 0.5
Creeping red fescue Corail 2.0
Slender Creeping Red Fescue Samanta 1.0
Chewings fescue Greenfield 1.75
Mixed herbs   0.5
Total   13.0

Mixed Herbs Contain; 

 Sainfoin,Sheeps Burnet, Ribgrass, Sheeps Parsley and Fenugreek

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Seed Establishment:

Please download our Seed Establishment Guide (.pdf) for instructions on how to prepare, seed and care for your Meadowmania seed mixes.