Natural Renovation Paddock Grass Seed MAS-NH02

Quick Overview

  • Improve or extend life of existing field.
  • Increase the non ryegrass species in your l 
  • Reduce the impact of poaching. 
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Natural Renovation Paddock Grass Seed
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Natural Horsemanship Renovation ley.

This mixture is suitable where you have an existing ley and you want to improve it and extend its life.

It will increase the non ryegrass species in your ley which should lead to an improvement in the diversity of the species.

It will reduce the impact of poaching

Improve the overall diet for your horse.

Contains no perennial ryegrass

Best suited to heavy ground we can supply a version for lighter land please conatact us.

Sow1 pack per acre. Enter the number of acres you require in the appropriate box and then click "Add to Basket".

Additional Information

Mixture Details
Meadow fescue Pardus 3.0
Smooth stalk meadow grass Pandura       2.0
Timothy Alma 1.5
Cocksfoot Luxor 1.5
Creeping red fescue Corail 1.5
Mixed herbs   0.5
TOTAL   10.0 kilos

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