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Cornfield Annual seed mixes

As follows is the list of our 2 standard Cornfield annual seed mixes. They are all brightly coloured and produce a very attractive scene from June to September.

Cornfield annuals will not establish very well amongst grass or other vegetation and they like fertile conditions. Sow from August to early October. Or in the spring end of February to end of April. All the mixes should be sown at 2 grams per square metre. See bottom of page for seed rate table. For more advice and information click on our advice section below.


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  1. Cornfield Annual Mix Standard MAS-CWF1

    • Standard cornfield annual mix.
    • Sow in fertile conditions.
    • Five species includes Poppy
    • Sow at 2.0 grams per square metre
    Name Price
    50 Grams
    100 Grams
    500 Grams
    1 Kilos
    10 Kilos
  2. Cornfield Annual Mix Gold MAS-CWF2

    • Delux Cornfield Annual seed mix.
    • Sow in fertile conditions.
    • Eight species very colourful
    • Sow at 2.0 grams per square metre
    Name Price
    50 Grams
    100 Grams
    500 Grams
    1 Kilos
    10 Kilos
  3. Instant Sunshine Annual/Perennial 100% Seed Mix MAS-WIS

    • A mix of over 20 Annuals/Biennuals & over 20 Perennials
    • Wild flower species from over the world. 
    • Maximum impact in year 1 with a host of colours
    • Sow at 3 grams to the square metre
    Name Price
    30 Grams
    90 Grams
    300 Grams
    1 kilo

Seed Quantity Calculator
Mixture Seed Rate 50 sq metres 250 sq metres 1 acre 1 hectare
CWF1 to CWF2 2gm/M2 0.1 kilos 0.5 kilos 8 kilos 20 kilos

If you're unsure how much seed you need to buy, the Seed Quantity Calculator table will help you work out how much seed you need to cover a given area of ground. We have detailed seeding rates available, but if want a quick easy reckoner use the above approximations.

The cornfield annual seed mixes are very colourful for one year. The main species in the mixes are the Red Field Flanders Poppy, Yellow Corn Marigold, Blue Cornflower , Mauve Corn Cockle and White Corn Chamomile. In the more expensive mix you also get species such as forget me not, long headed poppy and night flowering catch fly. They make a colourful show if sown on their own or a good addition at 1 gram to the square metre if sown with a perennial wildflower meadow mix. The cornfield annuals will give you a colourful show but may only last one year.